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We aim to provide a warm, safe, secure and nurturing environment. We strive to build trusting relationships with all children, to enhance each child’s sense of belonging and well being, which in turn supports each child’s holistic development. We will ensure each child feels love, security and a sense of belonging, and will scaffold the development of each child as an individual who can grow their separate identity and qualities while still contributing within a large group of peers.

We believe each child is a unique individual with their own needs, interests, abilities and backgrounds. The centre will work alongside families to provide a stimulating and educational curriculum and quality care. We value partnerships with families and strive to create a welcoming environment for children, parents and the wider community. We also believe that when there is a collaborative respectful partnership between all parties then everyone benefits. We value parent feedback and suggestions with sharing of ideas, skills and family input forms.

We believe all children are active learners, creating and building knowledge, learning, self image, confidence and independence through their daily experiences and by nurturing in each child a positive approach to themselves, sense of responsibility, self discipline and self esteem. We believe the curriculum should be co-constructed and supported by educators from children’s emerging ideas and family input.

Through play experiences and activities the centre will promote the development of Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills, Cognitive Stimulation, Language, Social and Emotional and Creative Development. At A Brighter Beginning we offer a flexible routine to cater for children needs and interests allowing time for exploring, discovery and imaginary play.

Children will have the opportunity to grow and learn at their own pace and develop a respect for others in a tolerant, anti-bias and non sexist environment. We recognise children as “active citizens” from diverse backgrounds and beliefs. We value the wider community such as family support agencies, we pay respects to the local Yugambeh Tribe and other early childhood organisations.

We believe the Early Learning Years Framework focuses not only on how children develop, yet it focuses on partnerships with educators, children and families. At A Brighter Beginning we believe children are competent, capable learners. Their interests, strengths and needs are integrated into a curriculum towards the principles, practices and learning outcomes of the Early Learning Years Framework.

As Educators we value one another’s contributions and reflect upon ourselves and practices and value the need for ongoing professional development. As professionals we are guided by the Early Childhood Code of Ethics (2006), National Quality Framework and all Early Education and Care Legislation.

We believe our philosophy guides the curriculum, our Educators, Management, Policies and Procedures of our Service.

Parent Feedback


"My son has been at A Brighter Beginning Benowa for 2 years now, my son has become a confident little boy with the help and guidance from the amazing staff. Abba is a home away from home, the children are treated as if it were their own and not just a number and that is what makes it so amazing. When I have more children I will definitely be sending them to Abba. A big thank you to all the staff for supporting my son grow into a polite, kind and happy young boy."

Jodine and Tarquinn

"The decision to move my child from her previous centre was difficult given the time frame that she had attended, however it was the best decision I could have made. Since attending A Brighter Beginning Tarquinn has developed more confidence, her vocabulary has increased greatly as has  her overall development.  Tarquinn loves all the staff and asks to go to kindy everyday including on the weekend!"

Kate and Roland

“We have seen Ethan blossom during his time here, all because of their dedication, hard work, and love. We just want to say a huge ‘thank you’ for all that you do from nourishing him both physically, but also in nurturing his mind and soul.”


“As an Early Childhood Educator who has been in the industry for many years I’ve seen the best, the bad and the sad! This is place is outstanding! The environment is delightful and clean, their staff are some of the best I have ever seen and their philosophy sees my children thriving through love. We love it. I wish for this level for care for all children.”

Shannon and Phil

“We have been attending ABBA for just over two years, and myself and Phil are thoroughly delighted! They’re dedicated to quality education, provide a friendly, safe environment, and are highly professional. Our little Mia absolutely adores the team and loves coming here!"

Ashlea Mason

The best choice we made for our son. The educators are all beautiful people and really put in a huge effort with the children. They go above and beyond everyday to make the kids days educational and fun. A small centre where you feel like your child is a person not a number.

“As a grandmother that has the wonderful opportunity to now and again transport her grandson Ethan to and from the Brighter Beginning Benowa Early Learning Centre I cannot speak more highly of the support, guidance and care that is provided to Ethan by the team of experienced and caring staff. Ethan currently attends two days a week and once his little sister is born we are hoping he will be attending three days a week.

 I have observed how easily Ethan leaves my care and welcomely settles in the arms of the teachers/care staff, guided by Miss Sue.  The atmosphere at the learning centre is one of a relaxed and welcoming environment and when I have questions they are willingly answered with respect and insight.  I have observed how Ethan’s social skills at 2 and a half years have developed since he attended the centre when 14-15 months of age.  Ethan is a cautious little one and observes on most occasions before becoming involved, therefore, the protective and gentle guidance provided has assisted him to become more open to step forwards due to the trust he has with his Teachers.

 I am so impressed with how Ethan is accepted and the teachers are making his early stages of development exciting, fun and positive with lovely children that also attend the learning centre.  I hear laughter, observe fun activities and also quiet and restful periods, and a relaxed child is picked up at the end of the day from being involved in a number of positive experiences.

 Thank you for the memorable early childhood experiences for Ethan and also the caring assistance you have provided to my daughter Kate, her partner Roland and most importantly their son Ethan.  I appreciate this so much knowing Ethan is safe and nurtured before his parents or myself see him at the end of the day. Thank you” –Maureen, Grandmother of Ethan