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From the toddlers the next transition is to the preschool room. This room also has children attending non funded kindergarten days, 4-5 year old.

Welcome to the preschool room. Children in this room are predominately aged from 3-4 years old. The pre-schoolers’ are a small group of children led by Miss Susan. The children in the preschool room make up our 3 year old group.

Educators work in conjunction with the preschool program to provide a nurturing environment for our 3-4 year old children that is rich in language and literacy, sustainability artistic expression, natural environments, music and dance and pursuing the children’s interests to enhance their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

Brighter Begining

When children graduate to preschool status, children are toilet trained or training which is supported by staff and often, many have fully weaned off their afternoon sleep. The pre-schoolers have a rest period after lunch, Children who choose not to sleep, enjoy quiet time with story tapes, books and a relaxing environment where they can rest and re-group for the afternoon’s activities.

Life after the preschool room 

This transition is often the smoothest of all as children are eager to be ‘a big kid now’!  Your preschooler is ready to take the plunge into the Funded Kindergarten Room.

Brighter Begining


We have a Government Funded Kindergarten Program

Welcome to the Kindergarten Room. Children in this room are aged from 4 -5 years old. For many of these children, this is their preschool year. At ABBA we run a Government Funded Kindergarten program, with the bonus being that it is set in a long day care centre; allowing you to tailor your child’s kindergarten hours. The kindergarten teacher is:  Miss Susan (Bachelor of Teaching).

Together Miss Susan and educators work to create an environment that is both challenging and stimulating which is lead predominantly by the children’s interests and ideas. The kindergarten program is rich in language and literacy, creative expression, fine and gross motor development and it is assisting children to build relationships that are positive and meaningful. We are aiming to help children develop appropriate conflict resolution techniques as well as group entry techniques that they can carry with them into the schoolyard next year.

 The children engage in an array of activities and experiences including individual, small group, spontaneous and planned activities. Our aim is to provide a balanced kindergarten program where exposure to music, physical activity, the use of computers and other technologies is incorporated into the program to provide a richer, fuller array of daily experiences for children.

Life after the Kindergarten Room 

The Kindergarten room is the last of our rooms for your child to experience. We aim to prepare your child to the best of our combined ability for school the following year. If there are any ways we can assist with preparing your child for school such as speaking to your child’s future teacher, please ask. We also welcome back our graduates to come and show us how grown up they are. We love to see them in the uniforms enjoying the next phase in their life.